Recreation strikes classic deal with Incentive

US distributor Recreation is launching a number of classic movies in Cannes after striking a deal with Salt Lake City-based media fund Incentive Capital.

Incentive Capital owns the rights to 850 titles including feature films, TV series and music documentaries and has struck a deal with Recreation, which will distribute them internationally.

Movies include Samuel L. Jackson’s The Return of Super Fly, Ben Kingsley-fronted series Religions of the World and documentaries Tupac: Assassination, Larry Flynt: The Right To Be Left Alone and Manufacturing Dissent: Uncovering Michael Moore. Classic series including Peter Gunn, Mr Lucky and the 1967 version of animated series Speed Racer.  

“Incentive has extremely valuable assets in its film and television library, allowing us to bring a far-reaching selection of product in different genres and formats to the marketplace. It is also a great foundation for future joint business endeavors,” said Recreation founder and president Ariel Veneziano . 

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