TBI cycles to Cannes

TBI and a group of folk from the TV industry are cycling from Paris to MIPTV in Cannes.


Day One:

Paris to Nevers, a 14-hour cycle on day 1 and 270km covered, culminating in two hours cycling in front of the support van with its headlights on full beam to illuminate the country roads.

Day Two:

Nevers to St. Etienne: 237km

Departed 8.30am – arrived 9.30pm.

Beautiful weather, tough route. Everyone in one piece (just)…

Day Three:

St. Etienne to Bollenne


Easier day, rode together as a group. Amazing weather again. Goran has an ankle injury. Peter punctured twice. Chinese and several beers for dinner in preparation for Day 4, in which we (attempt) to climb Mont Ventoux.

Day Four:

Bollenes to Manosque

165km including 3000m of climbing and Mont Ventoux.

Left 9.15, arrived 9.15pm in the dark.

Everyone managed to get up the mountain (a 22km climb) despite the last km being covered in snow and ice and the road being closed.

Day Five:

Manosque to Cannes

180km – departed: 08:30, arrived in Cannes 20:30.

Incredible day with stunning scenery on and around the Gorge de Verdon. 

After 1,030km – the gang finally made it!


For more pictures visit: http://thetbiblog.com/

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