All3Media bringing the ABC’€™s Miss Fisher to Cannes

All3Media International is launching Australian public broadcaster the ABC’s drama series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries at MIPTV.

The 13x1hr period drama is produced by fledgling Australian indie Every Cloud and based on the best-selling series of Phryne Fisher novels from Australian author Kerry Greenwood.

“When establishing our new production company Every Cloud, Deb Cox and I decided we wanted to develop a crime series for primetime television based on a successful book,” explains Fiona Eagger, the company’s cofounder.

she adds: “We wondered why there hadn’t been any successful murder mystery series made in Australia. When we realised that Phryne had it all – the murder mystery, a strong female character, beautiful costumes and locations and cocktails thrown in, and all from a very well loved series of books – we thought this was a winning combination.”

The series, which debuted on Australian public broadcaster the ABC in late February, started shooting in Melbourne in June of last year, wrapping at the end of the year.

All3Media International got on board the show early and is selling the series.

Managing director Louise Pedersen says: “It’s a very fertile time for Australian drama with the combination of Australian audiences wanting to see homegrown shows and the ABC putting up funding and investment. And, because of the need for international copro and distribution partners, Australian producers are very open to input from international partners.”

Pedersen says that the show will find a home on free-to-air in Europe and beyond.