#7: Last Resort (ABC)

The US networks are deep into development season and have spent the past few weeks frantically ordering pilots ahead of this year’s Upfronts and LA Screenings. TBI takes a look at some of the most interesting projects that are up for consideration.

#7: Last Resort (ABC)

The Shield creator Shawn Ryan is back with a new procedural, this time set in the future following the crew of a US nuclear submarine.

Last Resort follows the crew in the near future, when the country is thrown into chaos, who have become fugitives after refusing an order to fire nuclear missiles. Following a daring escape, they make it to a NATO listening outpost and declare themselves the world’s smallest nuclear nation with a number of warheads. The show will look at the world they create and the individuals within it.

The show has been created by Ryan, who also developed Fox’s The Chicago Code and FX’s Terriers, with Karl Gajdusek, who worked on Showtime’s Dead Like Me. It is being produced by Sony Pictures Television for ABC and the pilot will be directed by Casino Royale director Martin Campbell.

Chances: Positive; Ryan is a solid showrunner and ABC could use another sci-fi themed series to appeal to the post-Lost audience. 

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