ABC and Warner Bros. deal rewrites digital distribution rules

ABC and Warner Bros. have inked a new digital distribution deal that allows the network to seed Warner’s content to Hulu and its own websites and services the day after their TX. In return, Warner Bros can shop the series in question to SVOD and into syndication earlier than under previous deals.

Under the terms of the deal just announced, ABC can have Warner Bros Television Group shows from the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 TV seasons on Hulu and as well as ABC’s branded VOD service. The most recent episodes will be carried on these platforms a day after they are broadcast on ABC.

The network can also simulcast the shows from its linear feed across all platforms, including a new branded ABC service that is in development.

Warner Bros., meanwhile, will be able to sells its show into syndication a year earlier than under the terms of previous deals. The syndication window will now start after three broadcast seasons, instead of the standard four.

Warners can also sell selected serialised shows to SVOD platforms at the end of the end of their broadcast season.

WBGTV series on ABC and covered by the new deal include The Middle, Suburgatory and Work It.

Warner Bros. is understood to be negotiating similar digital distribution deals with other broadcast networks.

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