Band TV to launch Brazilian version of The Nanny

Brazilian broadcaster Band TV is to produce a local version of US comedy The Nanny after striking a deal with Sony Pictures Television.

The series will be the first of three coproductions for the network, which is owned by media company Bandeirantes.

Sony Pictures Television-owned producer Floresta will produce 180 episodes of The Nanny and it will air daily from next year. As part of the deal, Floresta will produce two other series for Band TV that will either be local version of scripted Sony formats or original productions.

Sony Pictures Television and Band TV will share international distribution rights to the series.

“Our program schedule is family driven, which is why we aim to be a place for viewers to enjoy the sitcom genre, which is consolidated abroad, but not yet in Brazil. We will adapt content to the Brazilian audience, with brand new episodes and characters from the original series,” said Marcelo Meira, vice president, Band TV.

The Nanny originally aired for six years on US network CBS and starred Fran Drescher as an unlikely nanny. The show has already been produced in nine territories including Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Russia.

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