Numbers up at MIPCOM as market ends

There were over 12,500 participants at this year’s MIPCOM event in Cannes, an increase on April’s market.

As the international television event comes to a close, organisers Reed Miden announced that the numbers were up – from 11,500 in April – with delegates from 4,211 companies in 102 countries.

As well as the usual assortment of international broadcasters, producers and distributors, this year’s event was attended by Kiefer Sutherland, in town to promote new Fox series Touch, Missing star Ashley Judd and documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog.

“I think what we are seeing is that there are great acting opportunities in television and that studios, producers and distributors are increasingly willing to invest in bringing international talent to our events to underline their commitment to the projects in front of the 4,400 acquisition executives and hundreds of media representatives who attend MIPCOM,” said Reed MIDEM’s Television division director Laurine Garaude.

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