TLC launching in Latin America

Discovery Networks International is launching TLC in Latin America. Luis Silberwasser, DNI’s executive VP and chief content officer, told TBIvision that the Latin roll out will see the channel hit the 100 million homes mark, making it as widely distributed as its domestic US equivalent.

TLC HD has a small presence in Latin America, but this marks the first time the international channel has reached the region.

The international launch of the channel was announced in March 2009 and Norway was the first country in which it rolled out.

The channel is in 80 million homes at the moment and has just launched in South Africa. It will roll out on October 6 in Denmark and the Latin launch will start on November 1.

In Latin America, Discovery will rebrand its existing Travel and Living service.

“From a global perspective TLC is the largest female-skewing channel out there,” Silberwasser said. “Phase one is getting to 100 million homes, phase two will be about building ratings on the channels.”

He added: “The effort to get the right content is very important and the fact that we can hit 100 million subs means there is a great opportunity for the production community to work with us.”

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