LA Screenings 2011: CBS announces pick-ups

CBS has announced its new 2011-2012 programming and the roster of new shows stretches to four new dramas and two new comedies.

The line-up includes a midseason cop drama from Robert De Niro, The 2-2 (previously Rookies), which follows six NYPD rookies as they take to the streets. It is made by CBS Television Studios and De Niro’s Tribecca Productions and the renowned actor will exec produce.

CBS TV Studios will also make A Gifted Man, a drama about a brilliant surgeon whose life changes after his wife starts communicating with him from the afterlife.

CBS and Sony Pictures Television Studios are making Unforgettable for the network. It follows a former police detective with a condition that means she has a photographic memory as she tries to solve her sister’s murder.

Warner Bros. TV is making Person of Interest, a crime thriller about a presumed-dead former CIA agent.

New comedies are Warner Bros.’ 2 Broke Girls and CBS-produced How to be a Gentleman.

2 Broke Girls is about two down at heel waitresses who are trying to raise the cash to launch a new business. How to be a Gentleman is based on the book of the same name about the relationship between a refined, traditional writer and an unrefined, modern personal trainer.

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