James Cameron says 3D TV will take over

James Cameron has created a company to grow 3D across various platforms including TV. The Hollywood movie producer has created Cameron – Pace Group (CPG), which said it will seek to accelerate the growth of 3D across movies, live and series-based TV, sport and advertising.

Cameron created the company with cinematographer Vince Pace.He said that broadcasters that prepare for a 3D future will be the overall winners as the technology becomes all-pervasive over the next few years.

The Avatar director, delivering the opening keynote at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, said that the emergence of widely available 3D TVs that could work with passive glasses, followed by the emergence of screens that could enable 3D viewing from multiple angles without glasses would help overcome the “chicken and egg” problem of their being not enough content to drive purchases of 3D TVs and not enough proliferation of 3D TVs to drive content creation.

“I would caution everyone in the broadcast industry against not being ready when that happens,” said Cameron. “Some people would accuse me of drinking my own Kool-Aid but everything we have predicted [about 3D] has happened – and faster than we expected.

Cameron said that the transition to 3D would be similar to the transition from black and white to colour. “Just now there are 3D programmes and 3D channels,” he said. “Eventually that will go away and there will be 3D across them all.”

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