m4e picks up TV Loonland catalogue

German-based brand management outfit m4e has picked up the TV Loonland catalogue. The German producer and distributor collapsed last year and m4e has picked up the 1,400 episode library.

It bought it direct from the insolvency administrator overseeing the sale of Loonland asets.

Some Loonland shows have already landed with other distributors, but the catalogue that m4e has acquired has well known kids series including The Cramp Twins, Babar and Connie the Cow among others.

With the Loonland content, m4e now has a 900 hour library of programming. Sales of the new shows in the catalogue will be handled by m4e and its subsidiary, Telescreen.

“Along with our new original productions and latest acquisitions, the TV Loonland library will give us a very balanced portfolio of rights for the national and international markets,” said Hans Ulrich Stoef, m4e CEO.

Loonland went bust last September after failing to restructure its debt load.

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