Muse sells The Kennedys globally despite US cancellation

Canadian producer and distributor Muse Entertainment has sold The Kennedys mini-series to over 30 international broadcasters despite its cancellation in the United States by the History channel.

The A&E Television-owned cable network announced earlier this week that it would not air the eight-part series, which stars Greg Kinnear as JFK and Katie Holmes and Jackie Kennedy and was produced by 24 creator Joel Surnow.

However, international broadcasters are expected to air the series later this year including Canadian network Shaw Media, which will air it in the spring.

History in the UK, which is a joint venture between BSkyB and A&E Television, is expected to air the series, which has a budget of around US$25 million, and it has also been sold into Australia, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Japan.

“Every broadcaster is standing firm,” Muse spokeswoman Betty Palik told TBIvision. “There are more than 30 broadcasters because some of the territories cover several countries. There was actually a bidding war this past fall in some territories for this fine mini-series because of its quality not because of its newsworthiness,” she added. 


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