Exclusive: Lionsgate to launch new channels

Lionsgate-owned Asian channel operator Tiger Gate is to launch new channels in the region following the success of Kix and Thrill and is also in talks to acquire existing channel brands.

The company, which is a joint venture between the US studio behind Mad Men and the Saw franchise and Haim Saban’s investment group Saban Capital, is also looking to launch its existing channels outside of Asia as it eyes international growth.

William Pfeiffer, chief executive at Tiger Gate, told TBIvision that it was looking at pan regional channels that complement its existing action, thriller, suspense and horror brands.

“We’re also looking at launching other channels and acquiring other channels. We’re in discussions right now,” he said. “The idea is to secure the action and thriller, suspense, horror space in Asia and then outside Asia.”

The company launched the two channels in 2009 and has been ramping up distribution in the last eighteen months. The channels air a mix of acquired series and movies as well as a number of local productions including reality series Supermodel Me, which is produced in association with Singapore’s Refinery Media.