Eisner’s Vuguru making original content for AOL

Vuguru, the digital production company backed by Michael Eisner’s Tornante, has inked an original content deal with ISP AOL. Vuguru will make a minimum of six scripted series for AOL.

The ISP said the new series will set a new bar in terms of the quality of original online content. Each series will be 90 minutes in length and produced so that they can be segmented and played and distributed in episodic form.

Details of the actual projects remain under wraps, but AOL said they will be ‘written and produced and feature talent consistent with the calibre of Vuguru and AOL.’

“The Internet’s next growth phase will be powered by professional, high-quality, story-driven content and the key to success is delivering that content to as many users as possible,” Eisner said. “With AOL’s best-in-breed distribution strength, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help reach that goal.”

“Until now, there’s been a gap in the online video consumer experience between user-generated video and the high production values of TV and film,” said Tim Armstrong, chairman and CEO of AOL. “The magical combination of AOL’s impressive reach with one of the most visionary content creators will help us become a market leader in this largely untapped space.”

AOL has been investing in online content recently and has just launched You’ve Got a daily slot in which celebrities and members of the public relay video 45 second messages via AOL.