Fox Look to bring back Studs

Fox Look, the international reality division of the News Corp-owned broadcaster and Hollywood studio, is looking to relaunch 1990s gameshow Studs.

The producer and distributor is talking to broadcasters, both in the US and internationally, about revamping the format that originally ran in the States between 1991 and 1993.

The show, which was executive produced by Howard Schultz, was similar to The Dating Game and Love Connection and was hosted by Mark DeCarlo, who is also the voice of Jimmy Neutron.

“We’ve inherited some old formats such as Studs, which was a masterpiece of raunchy, mindless, extremist, blokey dating. We’re looking at bringing that back,” says Fox Look president David Lyle.

Studs sees two men go on dates with three women and afterward the men have to match answers with the women regarding the date and the man with the most correct answers gets to go out again. 

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