10 People To Meet At The Market

Kevin MacLellan
Comcast International Media Group and Comcast Entertainment Studios

Having been instrumental in the evolution of the E! Entertainment channel around the world, Kevin Maclellan was upped to president of Comcast International Media Group and Comcast Entertainment Productions earlier this year. Perhaps of more significance is his possible next promotion. Given his record at CIMG and the fact that Comcast will have 51% of a combined Comcast and NBC, he looks to be one of the big-hitters best positioned post-merger.

Prior to that he will be focused on his expanded role having signed a three-year deal, announced in January, which has got Maclellan heavily involved in the production as well as distribution of content for E! Entertainment and the other CIMG channels.

At MIP TV Maclellan was talking up CIMG’s production capabilities and ability to make content for third-party broadcasters. It has already made Jerry Springer-fronted Baggage for GSN and is looking to cut similar deals with broadcasters.

Where to find him?
At the CIMG stand G3.14 and, possibly, casting an eye over NBC Universal TV Distribution stand H4.05

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