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Elie Dekel


Saban Brands

Elie Dekel is the US$500 million man. He is sure to be a sought-after executive in Cannes, given that he is running Saban Brands, which has huge fund to spend on intellectual property that can be exploited on TV, in stores and anywhere else. Some of that has already been spent, but Dekel is still working on new deals.

Having been part of the close-knit team at Saban that rolled out Power Rangers, Elie Dekel is back in the fold and scouting out new brands that can be exploited on and off-screen. The Power Rangers deal was followed by the acquisition of lifestyle brand Paul Frank. Dekel says more deals will follow.

Before returning to Saban, Dekel had a successful stint as head of licensing and merchandising for Fox where he handled brands including The Simpsons and Family Guy as well movies including Ice Age. He has also worked at talent agency CAA, overseeing licensing for its clients including Kmart and Hasbro.

Where to find him? Anywhere and everywhere, scouting out the next hot brand Saban can acquire and at the Marvista stand RSV.46 to see how sales of the new Power Rangers are going.

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