Nickelodeon preps iCarly-Victorious crossover movie

Nickelodeon is preparing to take its two most popular live-action shows and create a one-off crossover TV movie. Dan Schneider, the creator of a string of hit series for Nick told TBIvision that he has just started work on the show, which will be an amalgamation of iCarly and Victorious and will involve the entire casts of both series.

Schneider created live-action series Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly and most recently Victorious, which is faring well in the US and is about to debut on Nick’s international networks.

He has typically created new shows using cast members from existing projects – Victorious star Victoria Justice was in Zoey 101 for example, but combining two hit shows is something new.

“I’ve done a lot of projects for Nick and this is maybe the most exciting,” Scheider said. “Many of my series have overlapped but we have never cross-pollinated them before. iCarly is the number one show on Nick and Victorious is already number two – I have these two shows I love and now we’re putting them together for a crossover – I’m writing it now.”

Schneider is coy about plot details, but says: “It involves both Carly and Tori and they become aware of each other because of a ‘situation’ – they start off as rivals, but in the end team up against a common enemy.”

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