Discop organisers launching ‘The Remakes Market’

The organisers of the Discop markets are launching a new trade fair for buyers and sellers of classic TV and film content.

‘The Remakes Market’ will be held over three days this November/December in LA.

The show will focus on ‘film, television and literary properties that have achieved high levels of popularity in their country of origin, recently or in the past’.

It is organised by Basic Lead, which runs the various Discop TV markets. It said the inaugural event will have 50 rights holders and 200 buyers in attendance.

“Considering the number of remakes made over the years, it seems legitimate to dedicate one specific business event to the sale and acquisition of international film, tv and book adaptation rights,” said Basic Lead general manager Patrick Jucaud.We are very excited by this new challenge and feel that the timing is right for such a focused industry gathering”.

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