Telemundo launches digital novela

US Hispanic broadcaster Telemundo is to launch its first digital novela after striking a deal with Microsoft.

The Spanish language broadcaster will launch 120x1hour Las Aparicio online in August via a new online video site at, hosted by the US technology company.

The show will debut online – both as an ad supported series and as part of a pay per view service – before running on TV.

“The launch of ‘Las Aparicio’ is Telemundo’s latest programming innovation marrying our viewers’ fascination for digital TV content with cutting-edge technology. We are proud to be the first to bring this to market,” says Peter Blacker, executive VP, digital media.

Las Aparicio, which is produced in house in association with Argos Communication, follows a family and its three daughters – a divorcee, a widow and a single woman.

The show will also feature English and Portuguese subtitle options as the broadcaster attempts to widen its audience.