Dori creates paid-for online telenovela service

Dori Media is teaming with Microsoft to create a subscription and on-demand service that will give users access to a range of its telenovelas. The UK-listed producer and distributor of telenovelas will launch the service on Microsfoft’s MSN portal within months.

The on demand and subscription service will be available in Latin America and in the US where it will targte US Hispanic viewers. It will roll out over the next six months.

Dori’s has invested millions of dollars in its digital business, which it expects to turn a profit in 2012. It launched in 2008 with the debut of digital telenovela Amanda O. Pricing details for the on-demand and subscription services have not been revealed.

Novebox CEO Ehud Levy said: “This cooperation combines the distribution leadership of the MSN network in the Spanish-speaking markets with the unique and captivating content offered by”

Dori CEO Nadav Palti said: “We are certain that in the coming year, will become the leading online VOD library for Latin series and movies around the world and this cooperation is definitely a step in embracing new media opportunities.”