Studio Lambert making Benefit Busters spin-off for C4

Studio Lambert is making The Job Mother for Channel 4, a series in which presenter Hayley Taylor helps the unemployed get their lives back on track. Taylor was the star of another Studio Lambert series for Channel 4, Benefit Busters, and her success in that paved the way for this series.

Benefit Busters looked at the Welfare State in the UK. In the opening episode of the series, which went out last August, Taylor tutors the long-term unemployed in how to get back into the workplace and proved popular with viewers.

Benefit Busters was popular and one of the characters, Hayley Taylor, was so good that we developed a series with her as the presenter,” Studio Lambert boss Stephen Lambert told TBIvision. “She moves in with a family and most of them have been unemployed for some time. She helps them to change their whole attitude and helps them get and prepare for job interviews.”

Lambert has a strong track record of working with UK free-to-air broadcaster Channel 4 and his production company, a joint venture with All3Media, recently won a commission for Notting Hill. Billed as a reality/documentary series it was commissioned by the broadcaster in the wake of it letting go of Big Brother and entering a period of creative renewal.

Lambert says his company has got another big-ticket series away with Channel 4, which the broadcaster will announce within weeks.

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