Channels help offset programming reverse at Dori Media

Dori Media generated more income from its TV channels and less from its TV programming operations in 2009. The UK-listed producer, distributor and channel operator saw overall 2009 revenues decline 3%, taking the total to US$48.7 million. A 2009 pre-tax profit of US$1million compares with a profit of US$5.8 million a year earlier

Revenue from programme sales slipped to US$13.1 million in 2009 from US$18.4 million in 2008. However, revenue from Dori’s owned and operated TV channels increased 16%, taking the total to US$34.4 million compared with US$29.7 million in 2008.

Looking ahead Dori said the economic outlook for 2010 is improved but remains fairly uncertain. “The Board expects DMG to remain profitable and soundly funded during 2010,” the company said.

“Continued caution by programme buyers in an uncertain economic climate meant that contract negotiations tended to be much more prolonged than they normally would have been,” said Dori Media CEO Nadav Palti. “We expect to book some revenue during the first half of 2010 for deals we were expecting to close in 2009.”

Separately, Dori said it has agreed a deal with Turkish web TV operator TTNET for carriage of its video gaming channel Ginx.

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