Bubble format pops in new territories

Entertainment format The Bubble has been sold to Sweden’s SVT and Ned3 in the Netherlands. The deals follow the show’s UK debut on BBC 2 last week.

The format, in which contestants are isolated for a week and then quizzed on that week’s news events, is distributed by Israel-based Armoza Formats.

Swedish public broadcaster SVT has ordered a 12-episode run of the series that will air in primetime, starting March 21. Zodiak-owned producer Jarowskij will produce the local version.

The Dutch commission follows the public broadcaster’s TV Lab initiative last year in which pilots of new shows were rated by the viewers who selected The Bubble as ‘most innovative’ format.

A seven-episode run will go out in a Sunday night primetime slot. The show will be produced by Sky High/BlazzHoffski, which made the pilot.

The UK version has just started and registered 1.8 million viewers for its debut episode. The six-episode run is produced by UK indie Hat Trick.

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