RDF bringing Iron Chef to MIP

RDF Rights is launching cooking format Iron Chef at MIP TV.

The show, which started out on Fuji TV in Japan, pits everyday cooks against ‘Iron Chefs’. It has recently been sold to UK free-to-air broadcaster Channel 4 and RDF will be selling the new UK version and the format in Cannes.

The international launch of the cult format will be handled by RDF alongside the show’s US licensors and agents Keller Productions and Triage Entertainment.

In the US the show is in its ninth season on cable network the Food Network.

Unlike the US version, which is a weekly show, the UK version will be stripped through the week. It is being produced by RDF-backed producer IWC Media.

Barney Shingleton, who negotiated the Iron Chef deal for RDF told TBIvision: “With Iron Chef, the audience won’t be able to make everything they see, but there is a relatable, character-led, story that people can follow.”

He added: “A show like this can also sit later in schedules (than traditional cooking shows), which means the broadcaster can spend more money on it and it can attract a broader audience.”

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