Nat Geo orders Virgin space doc from Endemol’s DSP

National Geographic Channel has ordered Virgin Galactic, a four-part doc on Richard Branson’s efforts to launch a commercial space travel service. UK-based Darlow Smithson Productions, now part of Endemol, is making the series, which will TX this spring

The four-parter will span two years and follow Branson and the Virgin Galactic pilots and crew as they launch their first flights into space. Branson wants to fly 50,000 people into space in the first ten years of Virgin Galactic’s operation.

The first episode will document the test flight of the VSS Enterprise spaceship and its launch vessel White KnightTwo. Other episodes will look at the ship’s first rocket-powered flight as well as Branson’s own preparations for going into space.

Tom Brisley, executive producer for DSP, said: “Over the next two years we will be there every step of the way to document what is set to be one of the most significant breakthroughs in space travel history.”

Endemol sales arm, Endemol Worldwide Distribution, will handle international distribution of the series.