MIPCOM director confirmed

Laurine Garaude has been confirmed as the director of Reed MIDEM’s television  department, a position that puts her in charge of the MIP TV and MIPCOM programming markets in Cannes.

Garaude has been acting director since the departure of Paul Johnson for Endemol where he was head of marketing before departing last year less than a year into the role.

As well as MIP TV and MIPCOM, Garaude’s role gives her responsibility for the associated markets and events, MIPDOC and MIPJunior.

She joined Reed in 1993 to launch the interactive and technology show Milia, which has since been folded into the main MIP TV event.

Since serving as acting director Garaude has introduced online screenings at MIPJunior and a games summit. This April’s MIP will also follow a new one-day formats pitching event.