CBS fleshes out UK channel plans

US studio CBS will launch its branded UK channels in November and will also rebrand one of the six-strong bouquet. Reed Manville, executive vice president, international channels at CBS Studios International, told TBIvision that it is also looking to launch channels elsewhere.

CBS Reality and its +1 offering, CBS Action and CBS Drama will launch in the UK on November 16. The current horror content channel will not be renamed yet, Manville explained. “Zone Horror will stay with that branding, but we’ll look to rebrand it further down the line,” he said. “We’ll also rebrand the +1 reality channel next year as another general entertainment offering.”

Meanwhile, other international channels are in the offing. “We’re looking to other European markets that have not had access to branded CBS offerings,” Manville said. “We also think there’s a lot of upside in Asia with a second wave of digitization and a burgeoning middle class.”

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