Eisner to ramp up digital production, eyes Glenn Martin spin off

Michael Eisner is targeting up to 30 web productions per year and is also working on a spin off of its hit Nickelodeon series Glenn Martin DDS.

Through The Tornante Company-owned digital production arm Vuguru is planning to ramp up its slate despite other company’s scaling back their original digital content plans.

Former Walt Disney boss Eisner told TBIvision: “We’re currently doing six or seven different story driven shows a year and we want to get to ten, twenty or thirty per year. There’s definitely been a change [in the last twelve months], which has been negative because of the economy. Prom Queen started hot and then a lot of companies started copying it and they weren’t mindful of the costs and there was confusion as to what was original and what wasn’t. A lot of companies folded. That is typical with all things new. Now we’re back in a wave. I’m still making enough money to pay the overheads. I’ll make 30 more shows while the others scale back.”

He also said that it could launch a spin off of stop motion series Glenn Martin DDS, which premiered earlier this summer on Nick at Nite, as well as movie plans for Joe Bazooka and Mech Warriors. “I have a lot more TV ideas, including a possible Glenn Martin DDS spin-off. “I’m currently waiting on a script for the Joe Bazooka movie and with Mech Warriors, we’ve revised that and we’re waiting for a script. There’s also a significant amount of sports content with Topps.”

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