Britdoc Foundation launches Good Pitch in London

Channel 4 Britdoc Foundation and the Sundance Institute are launching a new pitching event in London that will aim to bring together filmmakers and charitable organisations and have announced the lineup.

The event, which is also hosted by producer Working Films and Amnesty International, began last year as part of the Britdoc Film Festival in Oxford, which saw actor Gael Garcia Bernal launch his Resist project.

Jess Search, chief executive of Channel 4 Britdoc Foundation, says: “In this new world, charities, foundations, brands and companies with CSR agendas partner with passionate directors and producers to forge new models for funding, distribution, outreach and participation.”

The eight movies that have been selected are:

A Very Dangerous Mind – a look a dangerous prisoners directed by Lesley Katon

After The Apocalypse – following Kazakhstan’s nuclear experiment directed by Anthony Butts

Casablanca Calling – centres around women in Morocco directed by Rosa Rogers

How To Re-establish a Vodka Empire – a look at a vodka producing village in Ukraine by Dan Edelstyn

Mass e Bhat – the stories of children in Bangladesh by Hannan Majid and Richard York

Moving to Mars – from Burma to Sheffield directed by Mat Whitecross

Seventeen – a film about teenage murder in Britain by Morgan Matthews

Town of Runners – a look at athletes in Ethiopia by Jerry Rothwell 

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