Raft of Scandi deals for Cineflix

Cineflix’s distribution arm has closed a swathe of deals across the Scandi countries including Gillian McKeith dieting series Eat Yourself Sexy to MTV (Finland), TV3 (Norway) and TV4 (Sweden).

Cineflix International has also shopped Border Security USA, the US version of the reality series Border Patrol that started on Australia’s Network Seven, to TV2 (Denmark), Viasat 4 (Norway), Nelonen (Finland) and Kanal 5 (Sweden). TV2 also bought seasons 1-to-4 of the original, Australian, show, Nelonen picked up seasons 2-to-4 and Kanal 5 all five seasons.

Other Scandi deals include BBC One property show The Unsellables to TV Norge (Norway) and Channel 4 (Finland) and World’s Greenest Homes to TV Puls (Denmark) and TV Norge and Kanal 5.