SyFy to remake Children of the Corn

US cable network SyFy is set to air a TV adaptation of Stephen King’s horror Children of the Corn.

This comes as the NBC Universal-owned network announces its latest fall schedule, which also includes a number of original TV movies including Eliza Dushku-fronted film Open Graves, WST Productions’ Lightning Strikes featuring Andromeda’s Kevin Sorbo and Matador Pictures’ Book of Blood, written by horror guru Cliver Barker, who wrote films including Hellraiser and Candyman.

Children of the Corn, which is produced by Fox TV Studios and Starz-owned Anchor Bay Entertainment will air in September and will star Heroes’ David Anders, Dexter’s Preston Bailey and Battlestar Galactica’s Kandyse McClure. It will be directed by Donald P Borcher, who was a producer on the original feature film.