ShineReveille to distribute NBC’s The Wanted

ShineReveille International has inked a deal to distribute NBC terrorist reality series The Wanted.

The distributor, which is owned by Lis Murdoch’s Shine Group, will shop the primetime series to international broadcasters after inking the deal, which was brokered by talent agency CAA.

The Wanted follows a crack team of operatives searching for real terrorists such as Iraqi Mullah Krekar, founder of terrorist group Ansar Al Islam. The team includes counter terrorism expert Roger Carstens, former Navy Seal Scott Tyler, former war crimes tribunal prosecutor David Crane and investigative journalist Adam Ciralsky.

It is exec produced by Charlie Ebersol, son of NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol and boyfriend of tennis champion Maria Sharapova.

The show, which is described as The A-Team-meets-To Catch A Predator, launches on NBC later this month.