Life after Lost

Lost creators and executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are busy readying the sixth and final season of the iconic island series, but spoke to TBI about what comes after the hit US drama.

Having worked on various series, Lost was the first show Damon Lindelof created, but Carlton Cuse has a roster of series to his name including Nash Bridges and Brisco County Jr. He says that his next TV project won’t look at all like Lost.

“Whatever comes after will be very different,” Cuse says. “We both have a number of ideas percolating, any of which could rise to the surface. But there will definitely be a change of pace. Something I’m really excited about is the idea of doing a limited series. The Prisoner has been a great inspiration to us and that only ran to 17 episodes.”

Lindelof is currently writing the follow up to this year’s hit Star Trek movie and also talks about the idea of shorter run TV series.

“That’s why I like movies, you work on something you love for a finite period and then you move on. We could do something [for TV] that only has 26 episodes and maybe the network breaks it into two series,” he says

“Whatever I do next will be simpler and feel very different. When I think about TV I like to think about what TV will look like in three or four years time. Maybe Lost has proved you can do a ‘finite’ series.”

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