Televisa says it can stream its shows in the US

Executives from Televisa have told a US court that a programming deal with Univision allows it to stream its shows in the US. Spanish-language TV powerhouse Televisa and US Hispanic network Univision have been locked in a legal battle that centres on a long-term content deal between the two.

Televisa  chief executive Emilio Azcarraga Jean told an LA court this week that a ‘spillover’ clause in that programming agreement effectively allows for the transmission of its content over the Internet. Specifically, he said that the agreement allowed Televisa to transmit content “in any electronic form” from Mexico.

Televisa’s executive VP, Alfonso de Angoitia told the court that its shows are being illegally viewed by US Internet users already and that a legitimate Televisa service would likely act as a “promotional tool” for Univision, which, he said, would benefit TV ratings.

Earlier this month Televisa said it is rolling out an online video channel in Latin America. The channel is being launched in association with social networking site hi5 and will feature programming from Televisa’s vast archive, but will not, initially, be available in the US.

The court case is scheduled to conclude this week.

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