NBC launches web series CTRL

NBC Universal Digital Studio is to launch a web series based on Canadian award winning short film CTRL Z.

The company’s digital production arm will launch the 10 episode series CTRL later this summer across the web including on Hulu, its own sites NBC.com and USAnetwork.com and a range of cable, satellite, video-on-demand, mobile and gaming platforms.

The series, which was originally shown at last year’s Sundance Festival,  is sponsored by Nestea, an iced tea drink owned by The Coca Cola Company.

The show follows Stuart, played by Tony Hale (Arrested Development), as a mistreated office worker, who discovers that after drinking Nestea, he has a number of new powers including the power to rewind time, move objects, become invisible and read people’s mind.

It was written and directed by Canadian filmmaker Rob Kirbyson and produced by SXM.

You can watch the original short film here.

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