Buyer Profile

Remi Jacquelin, head of acquisitions, TF1 Group

What are your expectations for this year’s LA screenings?

We hope to find good dramas this year. We will probably be more careful about the way the shows will be financed to be sure to invest our money on series with a long-term potential. The impression we have now is that US Networks need new shows to complement the strong franchise that have been renewed. TF1 has the same approach so we are rather confident.

How useful/important are the Screenings to you?

The Screenings are probably the most efficient market of all as they focused only on series. MIP and MIPCOM are also vital as they offer an exceptional overview of all aspects of the business in three or four days.

Typically, how do US acquisitions fare on TF1?

US acquired series have performed very well on TF1 in the past four years. This rather recent success will hopefully last for a few more years. It balances the more difficult time we have with US feature films. The US feature films on TF1 suffer heavily from piracy and over-exposure prior to our licence period.

What has worked particularly well?

The CSI franchise is a hit on TF1. Dr House is also performing extremely well. Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds and Law and Order deliver also very strong ratings. And we have great expectations for the The Mentalist.

Ahead of travelling to LA, what are you particularly keen to see?

No particular expectation as I want to discover the pilots in Los Angeles without being influenced by rumors.

Are there any slots you are keen to fill at the moment – are you looking for a particular type of show?

French regulation makes us look for shows with less violence in order to have most flexibility in scheduling.

Do you have any long term programming deals with US suppliers?

We have some partners in the US but most of all, our key shows are secured with long-term commitments.