BBC picks up CPIT’s Harper’s Island

British public broadcaster the BBC has picked up 13x1hour US slasher drama Harper’s Island after inking a deal with CBS Paramount International Television.

This marks the broadcaster’s first acquisition of a US series from last year’s round of studio series.

The series is produced by CBS Paramount Network Television and Junction Entertainment for US network CBS and is distributed internationally by the company’s distribution arm CBS Paramount International Television. It has attracted a lot of attention in the States for being its gory horror content as well as its 13 episode pre-summer slot.  

The I Know What You Did Last Summer-meets-Ten Little Indians series follows a group of friends and family that head to a secluded island off the coast of Seattle for a glamorous wedding. Unfortunately, most of the guests do not return.

“It’s a thirteen episode movie that plays right from a murder mystery to a romance to a horror film,” executive producer Jon Turteltaub told TBIvision.

British broadcasters have been slow to acquire series from last year’s pickups and LA Screenings. Other deals include Channel 4’s recent acquisition of teen series 90210 and Five’s pick up of hit crime drama The Mentalist.  

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