ITVS offers funding to international indie factual producers

ITVS, the US-based organisation that funds and promotes independently produced public service factual films and series, is asking international producers to submit proposals for docs that can air in the US and need part-funding.

Producers can submit ideas to ITVS until early next month and can request a ‘realistic’ amount of funding to complete the project in question. ITVS takes the US rights and in some cases a slice of other revenues generated by the documentary.

Ideally, the projects in question will already be in production and scheduled to be complete within a year. The funding is not for docs that are still in development.

Specifically, ITVS says it is looking for “programs that bring international perspectives, ideas, events and people to US television.” Other desirable criteria include docs that “represent diverse communities and advances underrepresented points of view” and “single story-driven documentaries with broadcast hour versions.”

Proposals must be submitted by February 6.

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