TVFI numbers show a mixed picture for French programme sellers

Sales of factual programming lifted French TV export figures in 2007 with revenues hitting €118.8 million, a 3.3% year-on-year increase. However, there was a sharp decline in revenues from presales, which generated revenues of €33.9 million, a 19.3% year-on-year decrease.

The figures are compiled annually by French industry group TVFI and funding agency CNC.

By territory Italy was the single largest buyer of French programming in 2007. Sales to the country generated revenues of €17.9 million. Spain and Germany were the second and third biggest buyers of French content.

Western Europe accounted the bulk of overall sales as business with North American buyers fell 27.3%, accounting for revenues of €10.3 million. The drop off was particularly pronounced in Canada where sales fell 45.9%.

By genre animation remains the biggest earner, but revenues have declined for the second year running. In 2007 sales came in at €41.7 million, a 2% decrease on the previous year.

By contrast, the factual programming category continues to grow steadily. Revenues of €30.2 million were up 5.9% on 2006.

Revenues from drama content sales were down a faction at €22 million.

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