Prom Queen movie in the works

Hit web series Prom Queen is to be turned into a full length feature film, following its success online and its subsequent move into mainstream television, TBIvison has learned.

Former Disney boss Michael Eisner, who runs The Tornante Company and digital production arm Vuguru is behind the move.

It is not clear whether Prom Queen will be released theatrically or as a television movie, but Eisner has experience producing both. He was in charge of Paramount Pictures when it produced movies including Raiders of the Lost Ark and Beverley Hills Cop and he was also in charge of the ABC network, a major commissioner of TV movies.

Prom Queen follows a group of teenagers as they prepare for the prom amidst murderous text messages and threats and is reminiscent of teen slasher flicks such as Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

The series debuted via MySpace and also aired via sites such as YouTube and Veoh. It has since been sold to a number of international web operators and broadcasters including Lagadere’s French owned network Filles TV. French distributor Cyber Animation Group has been selling the show worldwide, excluding Japan, where Rights Management is selling the show and the format.

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