US writer’s strike is over

The US writer’s strike is over after members of the Writer’s Guild of America voted unanimously to end industrial action.

Writers will go back to work today (Wednesday 13 February).

The WGA finalised an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) and the major Hollywood studios over the weekend and over 90% of writer members voted yes to end the strike when balloted on Tuesday.

Some 3,775 ballots were cast with 92.5% voting to end the action, which has last over three months. Only 283 members voted to carry on the strike.

Patric Verrone, WGA West President, said: "Our membership has voted and writers can go back to work."

Key points of the agreement include new media payments, more than doubling residual payments from the previous home video formula to 1.2% of the distributor’s gross, and  allowing the studios a streaming deal that offers a 17 day promotional window.

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