Ratings Watch: The Successor

Paranormal talent show The Successor hails from Israel and has been a ratings hit in Europe but fared less well in the US. The show, which is distributed by SevenOne International, has been on air in Germany the Netherlands, Israel and the US.

In the Netherlands on SBS6, the first episode of the local adaptation of the show Die Nieuwe Uri Geller, bowed on January 26 from 8pm to 10pm. It achieved a strong 22% share in the 6+ demographic, ranking as second in its time slot. The results show averaged a 19.7% share from 10pm to 10.15pm.

In 2007, SBS6 averaged a 10% audience share in the 6+.

In Germany the show is on Pro7. On January 8, from 8.15pm to 10.30pm, the first episode of the local adaptation, The Next Uri Geller, achieved a good 20.1% share in the 14-to-49-year-old demo. That placed it second in its time slot behind the US dramas CSI Miami and Dr. House on RTL.

The second episode drew a 19.6% share in the 14-to-49s. On January 22, the third and fourth episodes won 18.3% and 15.8% shares respectively. In 2007, Pro7 averaged an 11.7% audience share in the 14-49.

In the USA on NBC, the first episode of the talent show aired last October. Known locally as The Phenomenon, it achieved a 9% audience share in households, finishing third in its time slot behind FOX and ABC, and an 8% share in the 18-to-49s. The second episode was down to a 7% audience share and the whole series (of five episodes) averaged a 6.8% audience share in households and a 6.5% share in the 18-49.

Season-to-date, NBC averaged a 9% audience share in households and a 9% audience share in the 18-to-49s.

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