Ratings Focus: Who’s The One For Wendy

Dating format Wie wordt de man van Phaedra (Who’s The One For Wendy) has been a success across Europe, particularly in Belgium and Norway.

The reality show, which follows a single celebrity as she looks for love, was created by Belgian producer Tévé for local commercial broadcaster VTM. It is distributed by RDF Rights.

The first season, which aired on VTM in September 2006, recorded an average rating of 33.2%. The first episode of the second season attracted a 30.6% audience share. These network’s average audience share was 20.7% last year.

In Norway, the local adaptation, Den rette for Tor (The Right One For Tor), was a similar success for broadcaster TV3. The show, which aired weekdays at 8:30pm, recorded an audience share of 8.7%. This compareds to TV3’s 5.5% average.

Wie Wordt de Man van Froujke, which launched via Dutch broadcaster RTL4 in March 2007, saw decent, if slightly lower, ratings. It averaged 10.75% compared to the channel’s 12.9% average.

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