Music site preps TV move, the social networking website, is set to be extended to cover television following its success in the music world.

The website, which was acquired by Viacom-owned CBS in May 2007 for US$280million, offers music recommendations by tracking what users have been listening to.

Les Moonves, president and chief executive of CBS, told TBI that it plans to expand the site’s reach by applying the same principles to video content.

"Why couldn’t that extend into entertainment, news and sport? If you like this TV show, you’ll like that TV show," he said.

CBS is also looking at ways to increase advertising revenues across the UK-based site, which has over 20 million active users in 232 countries, as well as increase its profile in the United States.

" is a social networking site based on music and more specific content. Our next step is monetising that. Sumner Redstone wants me to make money for the corporation," Moonves said.

"You can’t keep your head in the sand, technology is our friend," he added.

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