More Ben 10 live-action on the cards

Cartoon Network is tipped to green light another live-action Ben 10 movie after the success of the first feature length version, Ben 10:Race Against Time.

The Cartoon Network Original Movie was a ratings hit on Cartoon network in the US and the show hits European screens on February 11 when it airs in the UK.

The TV movie is directed by (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure star) Alex Winter. He told TBIvision: “There are a lot of discussions going on right now about what happens next. It would be great to keep the team together for another one.”

Winter knew the animated Ben 10 having watched the show with his son. “I had specific ideas I knew the limitations of taking something from animation – where there are infinite possibilities – to the hard and fast approach of the real world,” he says. “I wanted to get some comedy into it.”

As well as talking about another Ben 10 movie, Winter said he is also talking to Cartoon Network about adapting a graphic novel into a show for the network.

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