Start looks online for Bang on the Door

UK licensing and merchandising outfit Start Licensing is looking to bring its successful teen property Bang on the Door to social networking sites such as Bebo, eschewing traditional television formats.

The Bang on the Door property includes Groovy Chick, which has been a massive success as a range of birthday cards and accessories. However, it has never made the jump to a traditional television series.

Ian Downes, director, Start Licensing, told TBIvision that it is set to ink deals with social networking websites such as Bebo to exploit the property further. “Bang on the Door is interesting in the context of social networking sites. It’s hard to turn into a conventional TV format, but within a Bebo type environment we can put content on the web and let users create their own identity,” he said.

Start also licenses properties from Sky One including Brainiac and Are You Smarter Than a Ten Year Old? and S4C’s animated series Hana’s Helpline, which airs on Five’s Milkshake kids block.

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