Ratings watch: Domino Day

Endemol’s entertainment show Domino Day 2007 aired November 16. Every year, the show tries to break the world record for falling dominos and this year it aired in primetime in several European countries.

In the Netherlands, on SBS6, the show delivered a 36.8% audience share in the 6+ demographic from 9pm to 10.45pm (Source: SBS6, SKO). In 2006, SBS6 averaged a 9.7% audience share in the 6+.

In Germany, on RTL, the show delivered a 21.4% audience share in the 3+ and a 28.6% share in the 14-to-49-year-old demographic from 9pm to 11pm (Source: RTL, Gfk). In 2006, RTL averaged a 12.8% share in the 3+ and a 15.6% share in the 14-49.

In Austria, on ORF1, the show won a 19% audience share in the 12+ from 8.15 to 10.50 (Source: ORF, AGTT, Gfk). In 2006, ORF1 averaged a 20% audience share in the 12+.

In Belgium, on Kanaal Twee, the special delivered a 20% audience share in the 4+ (Source: Kanaal Twee, Gfk, Audimétrie). In 2006, Kanaal Twee averaged a 6.7% audience share in the 4+.

Despite the impressive ratings Domino Day failed, for the first time in nine years, to beat the previous year’s record for falling dominoes.

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