iTeddy signs new content partners

The makers of interactive teddy bear iTeddy have inked a number of deals with childrens TV producers that will allow kids to watch shows such as Noddy and Bob the Builder via the toy.

iTeddy is a plush toy with a multimedia screen that can be connected to the internet via a USB port and has a dedicated website. Parents can download cartoons and videos online and transfer them to the bear.

The company has secured deals with producers including Chorion and Abbey Home Media, which produces MacDonald’s Farm, while Hit Entertainment is also expected to sign up soon.

iTeddy is using online video service provider British Internet Broadcasting Company (BiBC) to negotiate the TV programme deals.

Imran Hakim, founder of iTeddy, said that the toy is initially being launched in the UK, with retailer Argos having sold out its initial shipment, and he is negotiating deals in France, Korea and South Africa, with a deal done in Hong Kong.

“There’s no geographic or language barriers with the iTeddy. It has the same appeal for someone in the Middle East and Russia,” he added.

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