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MIPCOM Show of the week: Dance, Dance, Dance

When Talpa Media created and launched The Voice, many in the market thought there was no space for another talent competition. Having proved people wrong and made that show a global hit, the Netherlands-based company is launching a new technology-infused talent format at the market, Dance, Dance, Dance.

“We’ve had the ambition for quite some time to change the game in another genre,” says Maarten Meijs, managing director of Talpa Global, Talpa’s new international arm. “With Dance Dance Dance, we’re once again launching a format that will set new standards for a popular genre: this time, the celebrity dance competition.”

Featuring dancers and celebrities, the format has contestant re-enact famous dance routines from movies with live performances. The celebrities form a duo with someone they’re close to, offering a reality element during the intense training process.

Meijs notes talks are underway for deals in several key territories and Talpa Global, the distribution arm of the ITV-owned content company, will launch the format at MIPCOM.

The Dutch version is one of the most expensive entertainment shows ever made in the country, which is reflected in a stunning set, numerous dancers and a feeling little expense has been spared. Meijs says Dance, Dance, Dance is a big show, but can also be tailored to the needs of smaller broadcasters.

“In the Netherlands, we pulled out all the stops to create the ultimate, mind-blowing primetime show, from amazing choreography to an LED wall, from the best backup dancers in the world to a next-level augmented reality,” says Meijs. “The premise of the show, celebrities re-enacting the most famous dance routines that resonate with the entire audience accompanied by explosive reality, appeals to everyone, and is still strong without budgetary implications.”

In the Netherlands, Talpa launched a Dance, Dance, Dance app that allowed viewers to see behind the scenes on their phone or tablet as the mains show was playing on TV.

“While viewers watch the show on television, they can simultaneously see backstage footage with the app, including the judges’ reactions while the performance is happening,” Meijs says. “This is an entirely new way of experiencing television—viewers never have to miss a moment of the show and can be engaged across multiple platforms simultaneously.”

Another digital component was an augmented reality tool that allowed viewers to create their own Dance, Dance, Dance performances at home, with the set and visuals from the series as the background. The augmented reality tool also means a richer visual experience for viewers tuning in to the series.

Meijs says: “The augmented reality functions as a second layer of visual effects, transforming the screen from a studio to a visual feast and expanding the actual set to replicate the scenes from movies and video clips re-enact by the celebrities and their partners.”

As Talpa launches the format internationally, it says the tech edge on a classic format idea will help it stand out in the market. “Technology has dramatically changed the media landscape, so our aim is to give the audience an amazing experience by turning direct and linear TV into live events,” says Meijs. “We have achieved this with Dance, Dance, Dance, which offers a dynamic synchronised experience for all TV and connected viewers.

“Our aim is to amaze with the augmented reality, engage with the never before seen synchronised broadcast, and activate the audience with the app and home challenges.”

RTL4 has ordered a second season of the show. The show runs for 150 minutes per episode hours on RTL and, Talpa says, is doing particularly well in the 20-34 demo.


The show: Dance, Dance, Dance
The producer: Talpa Media
The distributor: Talpa Global
The channel: RTL4
The concept: New talent show format from the creators of The Voice